Jews  In  Sports   with  Michael  Neuman

Presented by and in honor and support of the Climb For Life Heros
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It’s all about inspiring and doing your part. In Michael's new series, he really goes after life’s big questions with Jewish athletes. This series is held in conjunction with the Climb For Life program; taking kids with physical challenges through a Spartan Race.


A neat twist on relaying information to the world! Why don't we look toward these athlete for our answers? They are the ones who put themselves into challenging situations everyday that will help them grow and learn.


Athletes face a daily grind of training, big moments, eating right and working to learn their craft. Everyday athletes push themselves and endure pain and discomfort in order to grow. These are the people who have insight into big topics, and Michael is going to work with them to uncover the truths behind what life is really about.


Michael is an Orthodox Jewish athlete who won on  Lebron James” CBS show, Million Dollar Mile while wearing his yarmulke. Giving him the opportunity to speak around the country and start the Jifoundation. Michael Neuman became the first Orthodox Jewish elite racer and podium winner in Spartan racing history. Michael has qualified for Spartan Championships but due to his Sabbath observance, he is not able to compete in them. However, he continues to compete in Spartan races when held on Sunday and competed in OCR World Championships in London.


Michael is confirmed to compete on another TV athletic competition show in the coming year. 

Michael Neuman resides in Miami Beach where he maintains his psychotherapy practice and offers speaking engagements to schools and businesses


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