Brady Simmer

Brady was born with bilateral retinoblastoma > It was a sporadic defect of the 13th chromosome. His mom and dad had their 13th chromosome genetically tested and neither of them had it. Anyway Brady has come a LONG way. He is happy, kind, super motivated, loving and just a beautiful human being. He goes to school at Florida School for the Deaf and Blind and loves it there. He is a dorm student entering 10th grade and has been on the swim team since 8th grade and also participates in many clubs. He comes home every weekend and every summer---thank g-d! He loves all sports, piano, his FAMILY, all PEOPLE and his cats. He pushes himself that is so impressive and his patience is on its own level. He does well in school and loves computers and gaming too.

He feels blessed to have been asked to participate in Spartan by Michael Newman and is eagerly looking forward to the challenge .

Brady had 1 eye removed ...when he was three and can see light and some shadows out of his remaining eye. Cancer Free for over 9 years...Baruch Hashem... He is an extremely very positive

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