Meet Ari Cohen!

Team: Crushing it with ari

Ari Cohen will be assisted by a team of volunteers as they accompany him through the April 26th Spartan Race in Boca Raton. He will take on the 3 mile course filled with mud, buckets of rocks, 10 foot walls and many more obstacles. But Ari and his team of warriors are ready to take on any obstacle, as Ari is used to overcoming any challenge put in his way!

Ari was born with Trisomy 9 mosaic, a rare chromosome disorder . Against all odds Ari is living and loving life! At almost 17 years old. its a struggle and there are many ups and downs, but Ari is courageous and brave and one of the strongest dudes around! He is crushing his disability into ability and he is chasing his dreams every day! His humor and fighting spirit inspire him to keep going every day even when he’s scared and tired. Being a part of the Spartan race is an honor for Ari and he is determined to crush his goals! To show everyone that sometimes, when u have the right support from people who care for you and a team with strength not just in muscle but in their heart - you can achieve the impossible !

Ari’s favorite hobby is collecting Pez candy dispensers - they're called his pez badge of courage! After a surgery and hospital stay he would get one - he is now a collector and he loves his pez dispensers and what they mean to him.!

His favorite sports are baseball - the Braves - because well , Ari is brave. And he’s loving basketball, follows all teams especially the Harlem globetrotters because they share Ari’s humor and trick shots.

Ari’s favorite food is candy! He actually wants to own a candy store one day! He doesn’t discriminate he loves all candy equally! His favorite foods include pizza, mac and cheese, hot dogs and he is Orange Crush fan lol.

His favorite toy - is not really a toy - but he loves his iPad because he uses it to communicate! He loves surfing youtube to find funny videos of .... anything funny  - water slide and diving fails especially. Tom and Jerry follows a close second on the humor scale.

If you would like to send Ari an email of support and love, please email us at and will get it to him! He appreciates your support!

To join Ari's team for the race please click here:

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