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Rebecca Katz, 15 YO; her favorite hobby is gymnastics. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 13 YO. Fortunately, her parents knew the signs. Rebbeca's sister, a diabetic whom she shares a room with, noticed she was waking up every night to use the bathroom (something she never did), Rebecca's parents also noticed her clothes kept getting big on her.

Rebecca's doctor decided to check her sugar and sure enough, her fear was confirmed with a blood sugar reading of over 400. They went straight to the emergency room where it was confirmed she had Type 1 Diabetes . Type 1 diabetes, also known as Juvenile diabetes, is when your body mistakenly attacks your pancreas and kills its ability to produce insulin. Luckily, we already had lots of experience, so we only stayed in the hospital for 1 day. As always, G-d works in very mysteries ways. A few days earlier her sister was able to upgrade her CGM (Continues Glucose Monitor) so Rebecca was able to put her sisters old device on and not need to wake up every 3 hours to check her sugar with the painful finger pricks. As a parent it's definitely not something you want to do, draw blood from your child at night.

After a few months and countless hours on the phone with the insurance company we were able to get Rebecca her own CGM (the upgraded one) as well as a insulin pump so she no longer needed injections 4 or 5 times a day. T1D is a daily struggle trying to keep the sugar stable by counting your carb intake on trying to manually compensate enough and not too much insulin as to not adversely affect other organs in the long term.

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