Meet Yechiel Shafrin


At the age of 8 months Yechiel was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy that affects the left side of his body. Stating full time school at the age of 10 months Yechiel, has been "pushing his limits" with countless therapy sessions.

Currently, the only Jewish child in his school, his parent's hope's are for Yechiel to be accepted and included into a Jewish school for this coming year. 

Yechiel has been blessed with a super friendly personality. He walks into a room full of strangers, and he becomes everyone's best friend within minutes.

Yechiel has a lot of big brothers to look up to. This leaves him wanting to keep up with them on the physical side of things. All he wants is to be just like them. He is so grateful for this journey through Climb for Life. It will give him the opportunity to do things his sibling do that he never dreamed possible!

Yechiel loves listening to music, bike riding, his favorite toy is a piano and he loves candy.

Please send Yechiel supports and love by emailing us at to encourage the journey he is on!

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