Orthodox Jewish Athlete, TV Show Winner, To Help Challenged Kids Complete Spartan Race with Prize Mo

Michael Neuman, 26, inspired millions of people, appearing in over 200 media outlets, when he won 25k while proudly wearing his yarmulke on CBS’ Million Dollar Mile, produced by Lebron James.

Michael wanted to make a real difference, so he founded The Jewish Inspiration Foundation with the prize money he won. The foundation partnered with Chai Lifeline to develop the “Climb For Life” wellness program.

Climb for Life takes children with physical challenges and pairs them with volunteers. The volunteers will assist the children through an actual Spartan race this April.

“This is a unique program. Instead of having others raise money by running or biking on behalf of others, I wanted to help impact these kids directly,” Michael explains. “You can’t imagine how meaningful it is when you lift a kid in a wheel chair over a 10 foot wall. That child feels incredible and you’ll be moved to tears you.”

Warning: the Climb For Life video released from this Sunday’s first training event can cause tears of hope and joy. You’ll see the smiles and joy in everyone’s faces as they climb walls, flip mega tires and swing on rings. One Mom tells her story of how the event changed her life that day and, “gave me and my son a bit of life today” after the worst week she had ever faced with her son.

“Those are the moments we live for. I told myself if I can change one person’s life, all the effort is worth it. This amazing Mom told me that today changed her life and I just thanked Hashem for letting me accomplish my goal of impacting one person” Michael said, and then he adds, “Now my new goal is to change one more life!”

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