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Climb for Life is an event where kids and teens with physical challenges will be teamed with everyday people known as teammates, who will assist the athletes through a real SPARTAN RACE! This life changing event will give the chance for all members involved to effect each others lives. An inspiring event will be seen by thousands as each team work together to assist their athlete to compete the course. Training events will lead up to race day, implementing life lessons, healthy mindsets and an obstacle course mindset. 

This is an unique opportunity to support a good cause focused on impacting and changing peoples lives. You will be supporting, wellness, fitness, good values, helping others, inspiring, impacting peoples lives, working together for something greater then just ourselves. Climb for Life will have many opportunities to have your name attached to our event.

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Spartan Racing has 20 obstacles that the teams must complete in the race. Please pledge $1 an obstacle for a selected team and tune into our Facebook Live page during race day, to see how much money the athlete can raise by completing each obstacles. 

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