Climb for Life 


About the Event:


Chai Lifeline has partnered with the Jewish Inspiration Foundation to bring you this innovative, new program, “Climb For Life.” The Jewish Inspiration Foundation’s mission is to inspire and empower Jewish children, teens and adults. The founder is Michael Neuman, who proudly wore his yarmulke while winning a competition against a pro athlete on CBS’ Million Dollar Mile, a show produced by Lebron James. His story went viral in the Jewish community appearing in over 200 media outlets. Michael is a ranked Spartan Race Athlete and became the first Orthodox Jew to be placed in the prestigious podium in a Spartan race as well as competing in Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) World Championships London.


This event is for children and teens with physical challenges. They will be assisted by you and me… others who wish to participate as their teammates, to complete a real SPARTAN RACE! This event will offer the the opportunity for inspiration and team building as the challenges are met together. It plans to be a life changing event for all, viewed by thousands as each team works together to assist their athlete to complete the course. Training events leading up to race day will provide healthy exercises and habits, life lessons and the positive mindset needed to effectively run an obstacle course. 


Whether you are an athlete with physical challenges or teammate, you will be ready to tackle this incredible adventure; Michael guarantees it!

Interested in signing up? Its easy! Click below for application process.

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